Self and Family Managed Care

Self and Family Managed Care

What Is Self Management?

Self Management is when consumers accept full responsibility for the funds available under the Regional Health Authority Homecare option to provide for their assessed care needs and non-professional services needed to maintain an independent community living lifestyle. The Managers are accountable for the human resource functions as well as the taxes involved with hiring employees. (Canada Revenue Agency Remittances, EI, CPP, etc.)

What Is Family Managed Care?

Family Managed Care is when a designated family member or trusted friend undertakes and accepts full responsibility for meeting the assessed care needs and non-professional services on behalf of a consumer whom qualifies for Homecare.

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What Steps Are Needed In Becoming A Self Or Family Manager?

  • Make an inquiry to your Case Coordinator at Home Care. They will send you an application form and information on the program.
  • Complete the application form and send it back to your Case Coordinator.
  • Your Coordinator will review your assessed hours of care needed.
  • Once approved open a separate bank account for your direct funding.
  • After the contract is signed, you will receive funding from your Regional Health Authoriity (RHA).

Managers must:

  • Be eligible for Manitoba Home Care
  • Have a long term physical disability
  • Reside in their own house or apartment
  • Reside in their own house or apartment
  • Be legally capable of managing and taking responsibility for their care (eg. signing a contract and acting as an employer).

Self and Family Managed Care - Summary of Basic Steps

  • Finalize assessed Home Care hours taking into consideration Home Care/SMC/FMC revenue budget for:
    • Attendant/Homemaker Income
    • Transportation (if applicable)
    • Administration
  • Register with Canada Revenue Agency, Workers Compensation (if applicable) and contact your Insurance Company
  • Open a Self/Family Managed Care Bank Account
  • Work out budget
  • Recruit staff
  • Draw up staffing schedule
  • Sign employee agreement(s) regarding each staff person showing:
    • Commencement dates/probationary period
    • Wages plus vacation/pay scale per period find deductions
    • Minimum hours to be worked
    • Benefits (sick time).
    • Statutory holidays and wage.
    • Overtime wage.
    • Terms of termination.
    • Staff orientation.
  • Maintain accounting/payroll records for future use by Canada Revenue Agency, Home Care, Department of Labour, Employment Canada and Workers Compensation Board.

Accent Care employs a diverse group of staff to meet the many cultural, ethnic and language needs in the community.

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