Accent Care offers flexible, affordable home care that can be tailored to fit any lifestyle 

Quality, Affordable Home Care

Accent Care offers competitive home care rates, while providing quality, tailored home care service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to mould to any lifestyle, and become a integral part of every client's life. This is why we go beyond just oridinary home care, and work to perfect every detail.

Contact us today at 204-783-9888 or at info@accentcare.ca to inquire about how we can help you!

WRHA - Self & Family Managed Care

Self and Family Managed Care is a program that allows clients and their families to manage their own home care program. This program allows clients to choose when they want their home care, and allowing Accent Care to maintain this home care ensures client's will not have to worry.

Accent Care is availible to assist clients in applying for Self & Family Managed Care, and ensuring that continuity is maintained when the client has been approved. We know that this is an important aspect, as consistency is key. Our system will ensure you always have service, and we will always be on your team. Call us at (204)783-9888 to begin the process today!

WRHA - Self & Family Managed Care Information

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